How To Capture Screenshot On Windows 7

Posted by micki on December 06, 2013

capture screenshot windows 7

Do you want to know what happens on your computer while you are absent? Sometimes, we wonder what others did on our computer while we are absent, such as: parents wonder what kids did on the computer and employers want to know what their employees did on their work computer while office working hours. However, we can not always keep an eye on the computer, but if there is anything can capture what happens on the computer desktop as a screenshot image and save these screenshot image continuously, we can know what happens on the computer while we are absent. So how to capture screenshot continuously on Windows 7 while we are absent? In this article, I will explain how to capture screenshot continuously on Windows 7 and how to replay the screenshot that was captured before.
As you know, we can capture a screenshot from the Windows desktop by pressing 'Print Screen' key, this screenshot was saved in the Windows clipboard temporarily, and we can paste it to a image in a paint software(such as, Windows painter or Photoshop), then save it as a image file, the image file has recorded any computer activity happened at that second. However, we can not always press 'Print Screen' continuously, so we need a professional surveillance software to capture screenshot continuously and save these screenshots on a specific place.
Isurveillancesoft Keylogger is a professional surveillance software, the software can automatically capture screenshot on Windows 7 continuously while you are absent. You can let it hide itself while it is running on Windows 7, and then no one can know it is running in the background, so it can record all computer activities stealthly. It sounds good. Now you can follow instructions listed below to install the surveillance software and use it to capture screenshot on your Windows 7 or other Windows operating system, the software is perfectly compatible with all Windows operating system. 
1. Download Isurveillancesoft Keylogger Software from 'HERE' and save it into the target computer. Now you can download it for free.
2. Dobule click the file which you just downloaded in the target computer to start to install it into the target computer, this step is very easy, what you need to do is just click 'Next' button to the end of the installation wizard.
3. After the installation finished, the software will be launched automatically, and the you can set a password for it.
4. Now, the isurveillance software is running in your Windows, and wait few minutes, you can try to view those screenshots from the software.
Download It To Capture Screenshot On Windows 7

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