How To Monitor Pc Activity

Posted by micki on December 04, 2013

how to monitor pc activity

Are you looking for a profession surveillance software to monitor other's PC activity on a target computer? As a good parent, you must wonder what your kids are up to on the PC and the Internet. A professional keylogger software lets you know which programs and games your kids have run and which websites your kids have visted. You can also choose to block or allow specific websites, programs and other contents. As a busy employer, you must wish to keep an eye on all employees and see what they do while office working hours, you may try software to monitor their computer activity, if so, you should try a professional keylogger software, it lets you know all computer activities of your employees while office working hours.
Isurveillancesoft Keylogger is just an excellent professional keylogger software, while it is running in the target PC, it can capture all PC activities made by users on the target PC, which include: capturing keystrokes entered by a PC user, capturing screenshot of the PC desktop, capturing websites which the PC user has visited, capturing programs which the PC user has run, capturing contents of clipboard and so on.
Isurveillancesoft Keylogger is a really invisible surveillance software, while it is running on the target PC, there is no window on the desktop, no icon in the task bar and even no process in the task manager, so others don't know it is existed in the PC.
As above metioned, you can use the professional keylogger software to monitor PC activity made by kids or employess, following are instructions about how to monitor PC activity by the software, let us learn it together.
1. Download Isurveillancesoft Keylogger Software from 'HERE' and save it into the target PC, now you can download it for free.
2. Dobule click the file which you just downloaded in the target PC to start to install it into the target PC, this step is very easy, what you need to do is just click 'Next' button to the end of the installation wizard.
3. Set a password for the keylogger software.
Ok, after you complete these instructions, you can start to monitor PC activities made by others. When you first run the keylogger software, it always add a try icon in the tray bar of Windows, you can hide it by following instructions.
1. Right click the tray icon to pop up a system menu.
2. Click 'Hide The Icon Permanently' to hide it, and then there is not any element of the software on the Windows.
Download It To Monitor Pc Activity

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