How To Send Out Keylogger Through Email

Posted by micki on December 13, 2013

send out keylogger through email

A keylogger is a computer surveillance program that allows you record entered keystrokes, visited websites, screenshots of computer screen, running applications, contents of clipboard and online chats on the target computer. Sometimes, a keylogger software is very useful, parents often use it to know what their kids did on their computer while they were absent, employer often use it to know what their employees did on their work computer during the office working hours. Usuallay, a keylogger software always run stealthily in the background in the target computer, so the user of the target computer seldom knows that a keylogger software is running in the computer.
When a master of a keylogger software want to know what happens on the target computer, he or she often needs to start the target computer and run the keylogger software to view the logs which have been recorded by the keylogger software. Of course, it is not convenient for the master of a keylogger software, for example, a employer can not frequently view logs of a keylogger on his employee's computer. So, is there a way send out keylogger through email? Yes, now you can send out keylogger through email. At the moment, you must wonder how to send out keylogger through email? Ok, following are instructions about how to send out keylogger through email, let us learn it together now.
Instructions About How To Send Out Keylogger Through Email
1. Look for a keylogger software that allows you send logs through email, such as Isurveillancesoft Keylogger software.
2. Download the installation file on the target computer and then launch the installation program to start install it into the target computer.
3. After finished the installation, the keylogger software will be launched automatically, you can set a password and a folder to save logs for it.
4. Press 'ctrl + alt + shift + s' to open control window of the keylogger software and click 'Setting' tag button. Now, you can see some config informations about email setting.
5. Tick the 'Deliver logs to your gmail' check box, and enter a right username and password of a gmail account then click 'Save' button.
Ok, after finished these instructions, the keylogger software will send logs to the specific gmail automatically.
To install a keylogger software on a computer that you do not own is not legal. You should never spy on other's computer by a illegal way.
Download The Keylogger To Send Out Keylogger Through Email

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