How To Track Kids Facebook Activity

Posted by micki on November 01, 2013

Track Facebook Activity

Most parents in the United States estimate that their kids spend about two hours a month on the Internet, but in fact, kids and teens are spending upwards of 20 hours a month surfing the Web. Kids spend a lot of time on the facebook, twitter and other online social utility, so many parents want to track facebook actitity of their kids, these parents just want to prevent some unusual happenings which land them in deep water. However, is there a way to track kids facebook activity and how to track kids facebook activity.
The answer is 'yes'. However, the Windows operating system doesn't offer this ability natively, so you need to use a third-party software to track kids facebook activity. Isurveillancesoft Facebook Keylogger is just a professional software to track kids facebook activity. Following are details about how to track kids facebook activity by Isurveillancesoft Facebook Keylogger.
1. Install Isurveillancesoft Keylogger into your computer, you can freely download it from 'HERE'. After you complete the process of installation, you can set a password for the software in the using wizard. And then, the software will run automatically.
2. While the software is running on your computer, it will record any activity of the computer user, which include: keystrokes, website visited, content of clipboard, application, screenshot of Windows desktop and so on. By clicking 'Hide The Icon Permanently' menu item from the tray icon, you can make the software to run under the background stealthly, so any comptuer user doesn't know that it is running on the computer.
3. When you want to see the facebook activity of your kids, you can open the 'Log Viewer' of Isurveillancesoft Keylogger and enter 'facebook' in it's filter edit box, then click a log item from the log tree. After completed these operations you can see the facebook activity in the log list.
Every thing is very easy, now, you can download the software to track your kids facebook activity by clicking the following button.
Download It To Track Kids Facebook Activity

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